Divorce in Indiana & the Craziest Ideas How to Celebrate Your Divorce

Most people celebrate engagement and weddings in the hope of living a long, happy life and dying on the same day. But sometimes it all ends in a completely different way, namely a complicated and exhausting divorce.

The divorce process in Indiana often lasts quite a lot of time. Moreover, it’s accompanied by a mass of unpleasant emotions. Why not say goodbye to the past and come to the future with new feelings and without anemic offenses?

Do you remember your bachelor party or hen party before the wedding? Why can’t you celebrate such an event like a divorce? This is a great way to cope with negative emotions and get rid of old offenses!

The Crazy Ideas for Your Divorce

In most cases, divorce is perceived more dramatically than the end of a not official relationship especially if the couple managed to acquire children and make a lot of common good, which now has to be divided.

No matter how sad you are, try to dilute this suffering with a real holiday. You should not just get together with friends, but organize a global holiday, as if you are celebrating your wedding again. Of course, if you cannot afford such a scale right now, you can make everything much more modest. The critical aspect is that this holiday should have a specific theme. You gather your friends and relatives to celebrate divorce, and not just drink wine and listen to music.

In no case do not take your children to this party no matter how old they are!

If we are talking about a party that your former spouse is not going to attend, then there are no limited number of ideas on how to celebrate your party. It will be something like a bachelor or bachelorette party before your wedding. Celebrate in the way your soul demands!

Inverted Wedding

Does the Soul want a holiday? For those who love big companies, a loud and fun party with lots of people will be an ideal option. Such a party can be like a traditional wedding with the same outfit, music and fun contests. True, the reason for the celebration will not be the formation of a new family, but a divorce! You need to order a large hall and invite all your friends and relatives, who, as usual, will come again with gifts, but already with the farewell.

Come up with fun contests and entertainment, and do not forget to order a divorce cake. It’s difficult to imagine a festive party without a fancy cake. It’ll be the highlight and center of attention of the party in honor of the divorce.

Freedom Ceremony

The divorce process is over, and new doors are now opened before you! Why not arrange a crazy freedom ceremony? You can gather all your guests in a restaurant or go on a picnic. The highlight of this party will be a kind of rite. Former spouses will need to burn their marriage certificate or cut it. You can choose the most suitable option for your discretion.

P.S. Use ONLY copies of marriage certificates for such purposes, so in some cases, you may need originals.

Want to Throw out Your Emotions?

How about making war with your former spouse? No, not real, but a party where you can splash out your emotions. Each spouse must gather his “army” of best friends. When your staff is ready, go paintball! You will rather have fun and splash out all the emotions that have accumulated during the divorce process.

How Can You Diversify Your Divorce Party?

Get together with your friends and shoot a crazy movie in honor of your divorce. Spouses can fool around, throw rings and get rid of the wedding dress. Or you can do a thematic photo shoot.

Free your hearts for a new love. At the end of the party, each spouse can launch sky-shaped lanterns into the sky. These lanterns will be a sign that the hearts and souls of the spouses are open to new relationships and love.

Do not forget to create an entourage. Today in Indiana it is possible to order themed balloons, cards, invitations, and other accessories. They will add a festive mood to your guests, you and your entire party.

Agree with your ex-spouse to exchange gifts. Remember that these should not be gifts that can offend feelings.

Write with your spouse all those things that annoyed you in each other. After that, put your notes in a jar and boil somewhere. So you say goodbye to the past and open yourself up for the future!

Why Do You need to Celebrate Your Divorce? Read These 8 Reasons!

There are eight good reasons why you need to create this party.

  1. You have overcome the ordeal!

It is unlikely that at the moment when you put rings on your fingers to each other, you thought to yourself “well, yes, until divorce separates us.” A holiday in honor of a divorce will allow you to mark (in all senses) the end of a long and complicated process, which, emotionally, was most likely not very easy for you. You deserve a holiday, so please yourself.

  1. This is a real reason to have a wild party!

You are quite worried and sad, so it’s time to return the laughter and joy in your life. The main thing is to arrange everything so that it pleases you and helps to relax.

  1. Your loved ones will help you say goodbye to past life!

At this party you have one significant advantage: you can do absolutely anything! Your loved ones will understand any of your “tricks.”

  1. Themed cake for sure will make you happy!

Yes, just a cake like a wedding. On the Internet, you can find many cool images of cakes for divorce. Believe, they will make you wonder and smile! If you celebrate a party without your former spouse, then you can ask your friends to order such a cake at their discretion. Surprise and entourage you provided!

  1. A party is a great excuse to explain everything to everyone once!

Does everyone ask you the same thing? Most likely you are already tired of these interrogations. Therefore, the party is the place where you can tell everyone about what happened once. Since your loved ones will be at the party, you will surely get moral support, and no one will condemn you.

  1. Summarize!

The legislative base regarding the divorce process in Indiana is still quite protracted. Especially when there are questions about the division of property, custody and so on. Now it’s all over. Therefore, the party is the event, after which it is necessary to release all the past and move on through life.

  1. Do not forget to thank all those who were with you at that time.

Everyone who was on your side, who listened to the endless shortcomings of your former spouse, who came to you at night or just held your hand worthy of your gratitude. And you can express it with the help of a party!

  1. Make the official statement about your status!

This is an excellent event to announce that you are free and that a new happy time has begun in your life! If you accept divorce for the opportunity to learn something new, then you’ll be able to agree that a divorce is okay. If you have the opportunity and desire to celebrate this period of your life, then be sure to do it. It is much better to remember the party than the meager number of hours you spent in the courtroom!

Remember, divorce is not the worst in life! A thoughtless marriage is much worse!

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